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Sun City Vacation Club Primate Barriers

SheerGuard Primate barriers The Sun City vacation club required a primate barrier solution to keep both monkeys and baboons out of their self-catering Vacation Club units, this is necessary due to the amount of mess and damage an adventurous primate causes once inside the vacation club units. Sun International did not want to block the […]


SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars Centurion Franchise Testimonial

clear burglar bars centurion

From Grillers to Drillers Buying a SheerGuard Franchise has without a doubt not only been a life changing decision but the best one we have made as a couple.


How do you guarantee your security without spoiling your view?

Clear Burglar Bars Cape Town

If you have just built your dream cottage on the river banks in one of the Western Cape’s picturesque Wineland towns, the last thing you want is to mar the beautiful views with jarring burglar bars that leave you feeling caged in. Unfortunately, security in your home must be kept in mind. The answer, our […]


Child Safety Windows

Child Safety Bars

Are your children starting to become adventurous, popping their heads out of your windows? Secure your windows and ensure they stay safe.


SheerGuard SA Security Checklist 2017

Is your home protected enough? Safeguard your home with the SheerGuard SA Security Checklist


Burglar Bars For Panel Windows

Have you opened up your garden view with solid panel windows and now need security?


SheerGuard offers Transparent Security Gates as well as Clear Burglar Bars

SheerGuard Security Gates

SheerGuard Security gates offer not only strength and safety but also enhanced beauty. As a specialist Clear burglar bar installer, SheerGuard offer you a full range of Clear Burglar bar options for windows. Our other security options include beautiful SheerGuard Security Gates options which are Clear, Strong and Safe.


SHEERGUARD CLEAR BURGLAR BARS suitable for any home décor

clear burglar bars

Need security but don’t want to spoil your interior design? SheerGuard Clear Burglar bars offer the perfect solution!



SheerGuard Pretoria Franchise

Use SheerGuard See-Through Burglar Bars to child-proof your windows.