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SheerGuard Central: Future Proofing the Parks Area with SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars

Clear burglar bars parks central (3)

In a constantly changing design landscape, SheerGuard understands the need for a new type of burglar bar… A Clear Burglar Bar. SheerGuard Central’s Samantha Mc Ewan and Warren Devitt future-proof both homes and offices in the Parks area with SheerGuard’s range of Clear Burglar bars.


Clear Burglar Bars Knysna

burglar bars knysna

SheerGuard Knysna secure homes affected by the Knysna Fires with Clear Burglar Bars


Makrolon Burglar Bars in Knysna

clear burglar bars knysna (2)

SheerGuard Knysna use only the best products to secure your home with – SheerGuard Makrolon Burglar Bars


How do you guarantee your security without spoiling your view?

Clear Burglar Bars Cape Town

If you have just built your dream cottage on the river banks in one of the Western Cape’s picturesque Wineland towns, the last thing you want is to mar the beautiful views with jarring burglar bars that leave you feeling caged in. Unfortunately, security in your home must be kept in mind. The answer, our […]


Child Safety Windows

Child Safety Bars

Are your children starting to become adventurous, popping their heads out of your windows? Secure your windows and ensure they stay safe.


Burglar Bars For Panel Windows

Have you opened up your garden view with solid panel windows and now need security?


SHEERGUARD CLEAR BURGLAR BARS suitable for any home décor

clear burglar bars

Need security but don’t want to spoil your interior design? SheerGuard Clear Burglar bars offer the perfect solution!



SheerGuard Pretoria Franchise

Use SheerGuard See-Through Burglar Bars to child-proof your windows.


Keep the look and feel secure in your newly renovated home

SheerGuard Johannesburg North Franchise

Have you recently renovated your home with stunning upmarket window frames? Are you looking to secure your home but don’t want to install the old-fashioned steel burglar bars?