Clear Burglar Bar & Security Gate Area Specialists Southern Africa

The SheerGuard SA mission is to present to market a dynamic burglar proofing system of unsurpassed quality with the added benefit of enhancing aesthetic appeal, successfully merging indoor and outdoor spaces.

What sets us apart from competitors is our promise to deliver outstanding customer service, superior workmanship coupled with a wide range of premium security products.



Johannesburg Central – Samantha McEwan and Warren Devitt

Johannesburg North – Jenny Holland

Midrand and Kyalami – Ashleigh Behrens and Miguel Amaro

Pretoria – Dean Stainthorpe



Durban – Clint Troutman


Western Cape

Cape Town – Jonathan Skorpen

Knysna – John Harris

Cape Town North – Shaun Besarab and Liam Midgley



Namibia – Stephan Shimaneni



Botswana – Evans Modobule



Zambia – Randall Doras