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Security Gates



SheerGuard SG (SecurityGate)

Combining strength and durability with a uniquely avant-garde appearance, this ultimate design in security gates is guaranteed to turn heads whilst ensuring a very strong and secure environment for occupants.

Sheerguard’s patented gate design is suitable for both residential and commercial entrances.



Transparent decorative gate

SheerGuard DG (DecoGuard)

The virtually impenetrable security gate which is completely unique to SheerGuard SA!

DecoGuard is a beautiful solution to secure entrances, doorways and passages in your home.

It is also a perfect secured branding solution for retail spaces, hotels, office parks and safari lodges.

We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf designs or bespoke cutting to suit both your security and brand requirements.



TrelliGuard Expandable Security Gates

Premium expandable security gates designed to be durable, tough and aesthetically pleasing.
• Double upright steel gate
• Secured on all four sides (top, bottom and sides)
• Hangs by multiple steel roller bearings in top rack
• Both bottom twin legs and tracks are galvanised
• One row of scissors per 500mm in height e.g. 2100mm door = 4 rows
• Additional reinforcement between rows of scissors
• Standard slam-lock feature on all doors (top lock will be slam-lock, bottom lock turn-key lock)
• Wide range of colours available (Standard powder coated colours – White and Bronze; Non-standard powder coated colours – Cream, Black, Charcoal, Aluminium Grey)
• Warranty – 5 years inside and 3 years outside

Unhindered views
3000kg Break Force
Protect your Family

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