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Join our fast growing SheerGuard SA family:

  1. Developed for Owner/Operators with minimal staff requirements, who do not require retail space
  2. Fast growing and sustainable industry
  3. Low initial investment
  4. Healthy profit margins
  5. Established and credible track record
  6. Low stock holding
  7. Highly scalable business
  8. Low administration required
  9. Onsite and offsite training to get you up and running within your first month
  10. ROI 6-12 months

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S McEwan - JHB Central Franchise Testimonial

Having come from a completely different industry to home safety, I thought it would be a challenge, but once I bought my franchise my mind set changed!

I have had complete support from SheerGuard SA head office, from the start up, with step by step assistance, to fully qualified leads which I have had a high success rate with and have already built a strong referral list with the relationships I have with my current clients.

Any obstacles that have come along have been swiftly overcome with the personal, efficient support from the SheerGuard SA head office.

The return on investment has exceeded my expectations, and I am confident that this year will turn over even more profit.

We believe that in this exciting South African economy it is vital we provide not only a premium product, but a complete solution which is both strong and stylish. We want to contribute by adding exactly that and hopefully more.

Quality, style and light allowing safety into your home.

In order to provide this my franchise team and I live by the following values:

Clear – Passion

Strong – Relationships

Safe – Product

These reasons make me realize what I choose to do makes a difference.

“Follow my life -long passion which is to drive a successful, meaningful business which is most importantly rewarding and valuable.”

J Holland - JHB North Franchise Testimonial

Having come from a corporate background I wanted to start my own business. I knew that in order for me to be able to do this I would require job security.

By obtaining the SheerGuard JHB North Franchise, I have been given this security.


The Franchisor does all the training and is always available to assist whenever the need arises.

I have the ability to be my own boss with the security of a mentor (franchisor) who can show me the ropes in difficult situations or to just give me the motivation required at that moment to keep pushing ahead.


Being part of a Franchise supplies you with all the necessary procedures and methods, and all the basic admin from clients is managed by Head Office in order to assist you run your own franchise.


I am proud to be part of the SheerGuard enterprise and appreciate all the tools and assistance that is available to me as a franchisee.

Becoming part of this franchise has been the best and scariest decision I have made, which I have learnt keeps me going.


If the opportunity arises to own a franchise I say go for it.

R Wells – SheerGuard Testimonial

I met the founder of SheerGuard SA, Ricky Walton in early 2015.

After a mutual friend introduced me to Clear Burglar Bars, I was intrigued to learn more as I had never heard of this type of burglar bar.

Ricky talked me through the operation. Thankfully my background gave me the right credentials (hand tool skills, sales and marketing). After completing hands-on training with Ricky I was given the opportunity to purchase the Midrand & Kyalami Franchise which I duly accepted.

From the start, I admired the support and backroom administration from SheerGuard SA. Ricky is such an enthusiastic and caring Franchisor that it is an absolute pleasure to be part of his team.

The emphasis on a Premium brand is deliberate. There are non-premium products in the marketplace which Ricky identified and chose not to pursue. I salute him for this.

Quality at the expense of price is the focus of SheerGuard SA. A quality product is never ‘cheap’ and our service is second to none.

The product range has grown to cater for all client requirements for all window types and gates. As a franchise business, we all benefit from new ideas and processes to make our work experience much more enjoyable.

I am extremely grateful to be part of the SheerGuard SA family. I am looking forward to a busy year ahead providing new and existing clients with our Premium products and service.

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