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SheerGuard is a progressive security company specialising in the design, supply and installation of premium grade EXOLON® polycarbonate clear burglar bars and transparent security gates at affordable prices!

SheerGuard offer you the world’s strongest clear burglar bars and transparent gates, designed to enhance your living space with an unparalleled aesthetic ability to merge both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our slogan: “Your clear security solution” was born from the realisation that there was a need for stylish; premium quality burglar proofing solutions in a crime provoked South Africa. Our vision is to offer our tried and tested security solutions to the global market.

Protect your family and enhance the beauty of your home! 

Clear Burglar Bars

SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars are manufactured from premium grade Exolon® Polycarbonate and come in a range of sizes which are an effective, attractive alternative to traditional steel burglar bars.

As well as providing enhanced security against criminals, they can also be used to prevent primate intrusions at bush lodges, hotels and holiday homes and make excellent child and animal safety barriers, the to prevent unwanted falls out of windows.

Primate Barriers

Windows can now be secured with our beautiful range of clear Primate Barriers, the perfect solution to prevent primate intrusions at bush lodges, resorts, hotels and homes.

SheerGuard’s Primate Barriers are a cost-effective and attractive alternative, maintaining the aesthetics while providing a harmless and secure solution.

Child Safety Barriers

Keeping track of your toddler can be a full-time job. For peace of mind, SheerGuard has extended its range with your children in mind.

Windows can now be secured with our beautiful range of clear Child Safety Barriers, the perfect solution to prevent unwanted falls out of windows.

Transparent Security Gates

SheerGuard Transparent Security Gates offers a premium quality product that is virtually impenetrable which is completely unique to SheerGuard! This beautiful, patented security solution offers options to secure entrances, doorways, and passages in your home as well as a secure branding solution for retail spaces, hotels, office parks and lodges.

MeshGuard Windows & Gates

MeshGuard Windows and Gates are manufactured using high strength aluminium alloys and stainless-steel clear mesh.

This multipurpose, clear security and insect solution offers options to secure sliding doors, hinge openers, windows and sliding windows keeping walking, crawling and flying intruders from entering.

Fixed panels are also available as mesh or fly-screens for all home, commercial and industrial applications.

MozziGuard Insect Screens

SheerGuard’s MozziGuard Screens have been designed with a unique patented corner junction system and custom extruded profiles powder-coated in aluminium – both stylish and robust, protecting your home from mosquitoes, flies and snakes. The mesh used on the MozziGuard Screens is made from an interwoven fiberglass mesh and coated with PVC, ensuring a strong product that is corrosion and UV-resistant.

TrellisGuard Expandable Security Gates

Our wide range of TrellisGuard Gates will keep your family and property safe and secure and are fitted with Slam-lock protection, providing you with peace of mind and immediate safety in an emergency.

Steel Security Gates

Our Steel Security Gates offer an extensive range of custom-made steel sliding, single swing, double swing and driveway gates for your security solution.

We provide an array of high-quality, innovative, decorative, custom steel fabrication to your specifications, making the perfect barrier.

SheerView Fencing

SheerView fencing is designed for functionality and aesthetics with its unique features that offers excellent visibility and maximum security.

SheerView high-security fencing can be tailored to your individual requirements and offers a wide range of options to choose from including height, colour preferences and finishes to compliment any property design.

RolaGuard Rotational Security Spikes

Maximise your perimeter security with RolaGuard Rotational Security Spikes.

RolaGuard Rotational Security Spikes are the most effective anti-climb wall solution. They have been proven by experts to be the ‘ultimate climb barrier’ in securing your perimeter, preventing intruders from climbing over walls.

RolaGuard Rotational Security Spikes work well with or without electric fencing and are made from toughened glass fibre, polymide reinforced nylon.

Secure Shutters

Our range of security shutters are exquisitely finished, offering strength and beauty, which also provide protection against the elements.


Transform your interior and exterior spaces with exquisite finishes from our large range of vertical and horizontal blinds made to measure.


SheerGuard SA offers a 10 year (limited) UV warranty on our entire range of clear burglar bars and transparent security gates, which is defined within a scope, ranging from loss of light transmissions, discolouration as defined on the certificate you’ll receive upon completion of your installation. *Warranty limitations include appropriate and correct handling and maintenance, to be explained upon quotation.


SheerGuard’s Clear Burglar Bars enhance the aesthetic appearance and resale value of a home. Due to the optical clarity of SheerGuard’s clear burglar bars, they let in more light than steel burglar bars and add a feeling of spaciousness and freedom to every home.

Insurance Approved

SheerGuard’s range of transparent security solutions are approved by insurance companies, and permitted in security complexes that have incorporated anti-burglar bar policies

Professionally Fitted

SheerGuard has researched and developed the strongest fastening method of applying Clear Burglar Bars in South Africa. We ensure the cleanest, fastest installation methods available, professionally fitted by qualified installers.


SheerGuard’s clear burglar bars and transparent security gates are manufactured from Makrolon ISO 9000 Polycarbonate which has been officially tested to withstand 3000kg break force and has twice the impact strength of steel, 60 joules on a Charpy testing machine. Makrolon boasts intrinsic self-extinguishing capabilities and has double sided UV coating, thus making it the perfect material for manufacturing premium grade transparent security products.

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“I also need to complement you on your team. They were very friendly and efficient and left all the areas where they worked completely clean.”


“Your team came in yesterday to install the gate - it looks magnificent. Thank you!”


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