SheerGuard is a progressive security company specialising in the design, supply and installation of premium grade MAKROLON® polycarbonate clear burglar bars and transparent security gates at affordable prices!

SheerGuard offer you the world’s strongest clear burglar bars and transparent gates, designed to enhance your living space with an unparalleled aesthetic ability to merge both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our slogan: “Your clear security solution” was born from the realisation that there was a need for stylish; premium quality burglar proofing solutions in a crime provoked South Africa. Our vision is to offer our tried and tested security solutions to the global market.

Protect your family and enhance the beauty of your home! Click on the tabs below to view our products.

Our Clear Burglar Bars come in a range of sizes and are an effective, attractive alternative to traditional steel burglar bars.

As well as providing enhanced security against criminals, they can be used to prevent primate intrusions at bush lodges, hotels and holiday homes.

SheerGuard clear burglar bars also make excellent child safety barriers, giving you ultimate peace of mind while your kids play and explore. 


Strong and durable – stop criminals in their tracks.
Patented design – designed by security experts.

Modern, stylish appearance – add to the beauty of your home.

Choose from contemporary transparent designs or expandable concertina-style metal designs.

For residential and commercial properties – protect your assets.

TrelliGuard Expandable Security Gates

Premium expandable security gates designed to be durable, tough and aesthetically pleasing.

• Available in steel and aluminium gates
• Secured on all four sides (top, bottom and sides)
• Hangs by multiple stainless steel roller bearings in top rack
• No nylon or plastic components
• Solid drop-bolts
• Standard slam-lock feature on all doors
• Powder-coated with a wide range of colors available
• Aluminum Warranty – 10 years
• Steel Warranty – 5 years inside and 3 years outside

“steel trelliguards are for inland use only and carries no guarantee if installed at the coast”

We would like to welcome Security Gate SA as SheerGuard SA’s official security gate supplier.

Please have a look at our range of beautiful steel gates. Contact us for a free quote.

SheerGuard offer you another premium brand as dedicated agents of Blockhouse Security Shutters

• Recognised security barrier by most insurance companies

• Can be installed internal or external

• Have a 10-year manufacturing guarantee

• Short lead time – Locally Manufactured

• Eco/enviro friendly

•Multiple colours available

• Design options for most openings – optional finishing architrave frames

• Standard track options available

• No need for drapes or curtains

• Keyed alike locking option

• Super easy to operate

• Double lock available

SheerGuard are trusted agents of the premium BlindQuip selection and offer an extensive range to suit every budget and taste:

Our BlindQuip premium blinds & shutters selection offers an extensive range to suit every budget and taste with our 3-year product guarantee & a lifetime service guarantee. Contact us now for the best prices!

We specialise in a wide range of blinds and shutters.


SheerGuard SA offers a 10 year (limited) UV warranty on our entire range of clear burglar bars and transparent security gates, which is defined within a scope, ranging from loss of light transmissions, discolouration as defined on the certificate you’ll receive upon completion of your installation. *Warranty limitations include appropriate and correct handling and maintenance, to be explained upon quotation.


SheerGuard’s Clear Burglar Bars enhance the aesthetic appearance and resale value of a home. Due to the optical clarity of SheerGuard’s clear burglar bars, they let in more light than steel burglar bars and add a feeling of spaciousness and freedom to every home.


SheerGuard’s clear burglar bars and transparent security gates are manufactured from Makrolon ISO 9000 Polycarbonate which has been officially tested to withstand 3000kg break force and has twice the impact strength of steel, 60 joules on a Charpy testing machine. Makrolon boasts intrinsic self-extinguishing capabilities and has double sided UV coating, thus making it the perfect material for manufacturing premium grade transparent security products.


SheerGuard’s range of transparent security solutions are approved by insurance companies, and permitted in security complexes that have incorporated anti-burglar bar policies


SheerGuard has researched and developed the strongest fastening method of applying Clear Burglar Bars in South Africa. We ensure the cleanest, fastest installation methods available, professionally fitted by qualified installers.

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