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A Warm Howzit from Anton Joseph and Charia van der Merwe, Father/Daughter Owner/Operators of the ALL-NEW SHEERGUARD CLEAR BURGLAR BARS Franchise serving the Hartbeespoort/Brits/PTA North Communities.

Being a close-knit Family, with Francois (Charia’s Son) being part of our Team of Specialised SheerGuard Installation Technicians, combined with our extremely high regard for family Values, Safety, and Security, we offer you the BEST QUALITY MAKROLON POLYCARBONATE CLEAR BURGLAR BARS available in South Africa in FOUR Variations to satisfy your every need and budget.

We further supply and install Unique Transparent Security Doors with exquisite Designs, Toddler/Small Child Clear Safety Barriers, a Clear advantageous Solution for your Primate problem, as well as a variety of other High Quality Home Safety/Security Products, specifically selected by our SheerGuard Head Office Technical Team, to ensure you our Valued Clients will receive the best Competitively Priced Products available in our Country for this industry, without compromising Breath-Taking Views, Beautiful Garden & Scenery vistas, nor that awful “Jailed In” feeling of Traditional Steel Burglar protection products.

With Charia’s 24 years experience in the Hospitality Industry and Anton coming from a Senior Managerial Position for an International Contract Logistics Corporate Company, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide Service Excellence and MAXIMUM Customer Satisfaction, with speedy responses to any enquiry or query.

Contact us today to arrange for an assessment of your Top Priority Family Safety needs and desires, or to ensure a Secure Work Environment for your Business/Office/Lodge/Holiday Resort/School/Sports Club/Restaurant/Entertainment Establishment.

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