Can you fit SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars to Aluminium window frames?

Absolutely, let us share some insight with you. Are you considering new Aluminium windows and doors for your home? SheerGuard Clear Burglars Bars are a perfectly stylish and complementary security barrier for aluminium windows. Many Johannesburg homeowners, at some stage, consider converting their older steel windows and doors to aluminium. Firstly, is this a good [...]

SheerGuard Joburg Central – The Architect’s Choice for Clear Burglar Bars

So, let’s be honest, burglar-proofing in the traditional sense is generally not an exciting topic, nor is it something that homeowners look forward to spending their hard-earned money on.   Well fortunately now there is another option: SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars.   Architects in the Johannesburg area have come to know and trust SheerGuard Clear […]


As a salesman of SheerGuard Pretoria-East, I regularly get in touch with other competitors quoting a client at the same time; not the ideal situation… But when I find myself in this situation, I have experienced that steel companies have the idea that Polycarbonate is plastic and that you can break it easier than steel… […]

Everything you need to know about MaxiGuard (MG)

MaxiGuard, also known as MG, (6mm x 50mm) is one of the top of the premium range of SheerGuard products that will assure you a strong, clear safety barrier. Seeing as it is one of the strongest products in our range; it is mostly used in high crime areas for clients that don’t put a […]

The Team SheerGuard Johannesburg Central Family

Today Johannesburg Central’s team of Samantha and Warren would like to give credit where credit is due.   Meet Cassius Lesiba Bambo who heads up our SheerGuard Clear Burglar installation division. Like a surgeon with a knife, is his precision with a drill!!! Cassius has an unsurpassed ability to not only get the job done, […]

“Safety with a View” in Bryanston

SheerGuard’s slogan “The Clear Solution for your safety” was born from the realisation that there was a need for a stylish, premium quality burglar proofing solution in a crime-provoked South Africa. SheerGuard Johannesburg Central’s Samantha and Warren understand stylish and premium: This passion was brought to life when they recently assisted their client in Bryanston […]

SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars with Beautiful Blinds & Security Shutters

SheerGuard Johannesburg Central’s team of Samantha and Warren have built a great reputation securing people’s homes with SheerGuard’s signature MAKROLON®  Polycarbonate window and door barriers. Have a look at some of their SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars and Transparent Security Gate installations.   With SheerGuard SA’s increased product range, we can complement your SheerGuard Clear Burglar […]

What Heritage Day Means to our SheerGuard Franchisees

    South Africans celebrate Heritage Day by remembering the cultural heritage of the many cultures that make up the population of South Africa. Various events are staged throughout the country to commemorate this. So, what does Heritage Day mean to Samantha and Warren from Johannesburg Central? Whether it’s a day for our fellow South […]

SheerGuard Installation in Montana

SheerGuard Pretoria encountered a house in Montana that had steel fixed security Trellis securing all the openings of the house. Our client explained to us that having these Trellis cover up the openings make her feel emotionally ill and locked in what is meant to be her own safe haven. When she came across SheerGuard […]

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