As a salesman of SheerGuard Pretoria-East, I regularly get in touch with other competitors quoting a client at the same time; not the ideal situation… But when I find myself in this situation, I have experienced that steel companies have the idea that Polycarbonate is plastic and that you can break it easier than steel… wrong.

SheerGuard’s Polycarbonate is manufactured by the one and only MAKROLON ®. They are the patent holder of the name Polycarbonate, which in this case means that there is no other company that sells 100% pure virgin Polycarbonate Clear Burglar Bars and Transparent Security Gates like SheerGuard. We also have sole trading rights ensuring that we are the only company in South-Africa that is being supplied by MAKROLON ® .

What is Polycarbonate exactly?

It is the strongest thermo-plastic in the world, it is used for bullet-proofing, airplane windows, vehicle windows, and even riot shields and because of these various reasons, SheerGuard has taken the optimal opportunity to bring Polycarbonate into the world of security. During a swing-ball test, we found that our MAKROLON®  Polycarbonate can withstand a blow of 60 Jules whereas steel could only withstand 28 Jules… Why would you install jail-like burglar bars that is half as strong as our aesthetically pleasing Clear Burglar Bars that is clearly stronger than steel? Let’s change the world of security. Forget jail-security and upgrade to the clear solution to your safety.

To get your free quotation on SheerGuard MAKROLON®  Polycarbonate Clear Burglar Bars, feel free to contact Ethan on 082 927 2794 or visit our website on for more information.

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