Clear Burglar Bars

SheerGuard clear burglar bars are manufactured from premium grade MAKROLON® Polycarbonate which offers exceptional optical clarity, inherent UV resistance and provides a virtually indestructible quality! Extremely robust and corrosion free, professionally installed to both aluminium and timber window frames and doors. Contact us now for a free no-obligation quote.

SheerGuard ExtremeGuard

SheerGuard XG (ExtremeGuard)

Size  –  8mm  x  50mm

The  supreme  security  solution,  an  extra  wide  clear  burglar  bar  with  double  fastening  points.

The  ultimate  top  security  solution!

SheerGuard MaxiGuard

SheerGuard MG (MaxiGuard)

Size – 6mm x 50mm

A high level security solution, the only extra wide clear burglar bar with double fastening points.

If you are serious about your safety go for MaxiGuard!

SheerGuard PremiumGuard

SheerGuard PG (PremiumGuard)

Size – 6mm x 34mm

For superior strength and beauty choose PremiumGuard.

South Africa’s preferred choice in clear burglar bars!

SheerGuard EconoGuard

SheerGuard EG (EconoGuard)

Size – 5mm x 30mm

The industry standard in clear burglar bars.

Quality and affordability to suit your requirements!


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