Need security but don’t want to spoil your interior design? SheerGuard Clear Burglar bars offer the perfect solution!

SheerGuard Clear Burglar bars are just the window security for your home. They are not easily broken and you can see right through them. SheerGuard Clear Burglar bars are the ideal solution for all window frames.

SheerGuard Pretoria install Clear Burglar Bars on steel, aluminium and wood window frames without hindering that spectacular garden view! Not to mention that the bars do not detract from a wonderful interior design.


SheerGuard Clear Burglar bars are made from Polycarbonate, one of the most difficult materials and ensuring the highest quality. As polycarbonate is flexible, its breaking point far outranks rigid traditional bars. Further, attempting to burn through polycarbonate will prove to be an exhausting experience for any burglar! Polycarbonate does not ignite and so will not continue to burn once the heat source is removed unlike Perspex and other plastics. With its high-temperature ignition point, no burglar is going to succeed in an attempt to melt the bars with his trusty pocket lighter.

SheerGuard Pretoria pride themselves on using quality products during installations. Our unique high-quality tamper proof stainless steel compression rivet system are a must have on any window.

SheerGuard Pretoria look forward to giving you a free quote on any SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bar product.

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