The difference between SheerGuard Gates and Trellidor Clear Guard

Too often SheerGuardians get asked the difference between our DecoGuard and Trellidor Clear Guard. It is difficult to explain why you should choose one or the other, but I believe the product speaks for itself. In the picture below you will see a SheerGuard Gate or “DecoGuard” on the left and then on the right side you will see the Trellidor Clear Guard, but what exactly is the difference?

SheerGuard DecoGuard is manufactured out of a steel gate frame with a 5mm thick Makrolon Polycarbonate sheet attached to the inside. This Polycarbonate sheet makes the gate 99,9% transparent to the naked eye. The Polycarbonate sheet can be cut into as design of your choice, we also provide standard pattern cut-outs as seen in the picture above. The Makrolon Polycarbonate also as a UV-Coating that puts a 10year warrantee on your product.

Trellidor Clear Guard is made out of an Aluminium frame with a tensile stainless-steel mesh attached to the inside of the frame.

SheerGuard Gates are not only aesthetically pleasing but also a very good security barrier as the Makrolon Polycarbonate sheet can withstand a blow of 60Joules where as steel completely breaks in half when it has to withstand a blow of 28Joules. Also, see the FAQ’s on our website for more information regarding the strength of our Makrolon Polycarbonate.

Should you require a SheerGuard DecoGuard quotation, please feel free to contact Ethan from SheerGuard Pretoria-East on 082 927 2794 or visit our website at for more information.

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