The effect of COVID-19 on SheerGuard

Corona has been a very difficult situation for the economy of various countries. We have learnt that only a few essential companies will stay open during lockdown periods. SheerGuard is fortunate and very pleased to announce that we qualify as an essential need company as we supply high quality security solutions all over South-Africa.

A large number of businesses including SheerGuard will suffer a loss in a number of business opportunities during this period. As we feel that it is only right to fight back for the people of our country by providing a solution to supermarkets who has to stay open during this period, to keep their staff and customers safe from spreading or picking up the virus. SheerGuard launched the ideal product to assist companies with this matter. To see more about the product, read the article “The all new CoronaGuard”.

With this article I would like to emphasise that SheerGuard would like to look after our community and went through all the necessary procedures to enable us to sell CoronaGuard during the lockdown period. It is very difficult for a company to go through a time period of such and survive. Therefor we call on our clients/community to support us during this period by sharing our Facebook posts in order for us to get to the right people who will benefit with CoronaGuard, to keep their staff and customers safe from spreading the virus.

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