The three most sold SheerGuard Blinds

SheerGuard Blinds launched in March 2019, with a slow start we decided to use various different marketing tools and techniques to make an impact in the blind market and as of today it is almost the largest part of SheerGuard Pretoria’s business. We have a very well-priced supplier: BlindQuip, established in 1989 and now the largest manufacture and distribution of made-to-measure blinds.

In this article I would like to focus on three different blinds of which most clients enquire for, in order for you to have more knowledge on the type of blind that you would like to be installed in your home:

SheerGuard BlindQuip Plaswood: This blind is created off your standard wood blind, the catch is that it is not actual wood. It also consists out of a form of plastic to avoid swelling of the blind when water falls on it. This is the ultimate replacement for standard wood blinds. It looks like wood and feels like would, but is made out of a strong plastic.

SheerGuard BlindQuip Roller: This blind is ideal when you would like a window to be fully open during the day and fully closed during the night. We have various options in colour of where you can see through the blind from the inside, but is completely block out from the outside. This blinds also have a double roller option, also known as zebra blinds.

SheerGuard BlindQuip Aluminium Venetian: This blind is by far the most cost-effective blind on the market, if you are looking for a quick non-expensive blind solution, this is definitely the blind for you. It comes in various colours that will blow your mind. This blind also comes in different sizes: 50mm, 35mm and 10mm. It is ideal for places that will receive water, as the water will not damage the Aluminium.

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