What is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate, also known as PC, is an extremely tough thermoplastic which is much lighter than glass but has the same optical clarity.

Due to its high impact strength and tensile strength, PC is used across a wide variety of industries in various products that require demanding performance under extreme circumstances.

There are many manufacturers of solid clear sheet PC across the globe and SheerGuard spent a lot of time and energy researching the best possible PC for our beautiful range of premium security products.

After extensive research the best manufacturer was Exolon® Polycarbonate made from Makrolon®.

Exolon® is manufactured in Belgium with a 50-point quality control check, which is unique to them, to ensure the highest quality available in the world. It was this criteria that gave SheerGuard the confidence we needed to go out into the market place with the correct product supplier needed to make it a success.

Have a look at an overview from the Exolon® group https://www.exolongroup.com/Makrolon-becomes-Exolon


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