Transparent Security Gates

SheerGuard Transparent Security Gates offers a premium quality product that is virtually impenetrable which is completely unique to SheerGuardSA! This beautiful, patented security solution offers options to secure entrances, doorways, and passages in your home as well as a secure branding solution for retail spaces, hotels, office parks and lodges.

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“Incredible service from this company. I would highly recommend them for their products and services.”


“An absolute pleasure dealing with the Sheerguard team from initial quote to installation completion. My home is not only now safer, but looks smart with the window views uncompromised.”


“Thank you SheerGuard! Amazing product and service!”


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Transparent Security Gates FAQ

SheerGuard is a progressive security company specialising in the DESIGN, SUPPLY and INSTALLATION of the world’s strongest Clear Burglar Bars made in Germany from premium grade EXOLON® Polycarbonate offering protection whilst enhancing your living space with an unparalleled aesthetic ability to merge both indoor and outdoor spaces.

When you choose SheerGuard, you can be sure that you will get a product that will last as long as your home does — and one that will look good while it does it!

  • Are Transparent Security Gates made from plastic or perspex?

    It is neither of those; our SheerGuard Transparent Security Gates are manufactured from a thermoplastic polymer called EXOLON® the highest quality Polycarbonate and strongest material available today.

  • Can Transparent Security Gates be broken?

    Eventually someone could break them with the right tools, lots of noise and repeated efforts. EXOLON® the highest quality Polycarbonate has an extremely high impact resistance and a tensile strength of over 3 tons which makes it tougher than steel! Because of its strength and shatterproof properties Polycarbonate is used in high demand applications such as bullet proof windows, police riot shields, jet-fighter cockpits etc.

  • Are Transparent Security Gates stronger than Steel Burglar Bars?

    There are a number of variables to consider when comparing Steel to Transparent Security Gates – one is how they are fixed to the frame. Most Steel gates are welded to the frames which is not strong enough as all it takes is a simple twist of the bar with a spanner and the weld will break.

    SheerGuard Transparent Security Gates are secured with stainless-steel, tamper-proof compression rivets to the frame which are much stronger and twice the weight of your standard rivet, with a domed head that can not be drilled out.

  • Do Transparent Security Gates corrode or deteriorate over time?

    Unlike Steel Bars, SheerGuard Transparent Security Gates are maintenance-free and DO NOT rust or corrode when exposed to moisture or solvents and are coated with a special UV protection which guarantees the bar against the loss of clarity for up to 10 years.

  • Could a burglar burn through Transparent Security Gates?

    Polycarbonate has an inherent flame retardant and is heat resistant, unlike plastic it does not ignite and drip flaming liquid, it actually extinguishes itself as it is being burnt. This is not to say that they cannot be burnt through them but if someone does try to burn through them, it would take a few minutes to get through our bars and a lot of smoke and smell is produced.

  • Is it expensive?

    No, SheerGuard Transparent Security Gates compare favourably to custom fitted Steel Burglar Bars and in most cases work out to be more economical.