Lifetime UV Warranty

Lifetime UV Warranty

SheerGuard SA is so confident in the value of our products, that all SheerGuard SA customers will receive a Lifetime UV Warranty on all SheerGuard SA Clear Burglar Bars, made of Exolon® Polycarbonate, providing the terms and conditions are adhered to as set out below.

Term and conditions:

  • Customers must be traceable on the SheerGuard SA database
  • Customers must have proof of the original SheerGuard SA invoice
  • The Warranty applies to the original homeowner at the time of the installation
  • The Warranty covers SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars that have cracked due to poor workmanship*
  • The Warranty covers SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars that have been maintained as outlined as per the Cleaning Instructions provided on completion of installation
  • This Warranty only pertains to installations done from 1st February 2023
  • The Warranty is not transferable, and only the customer (purchaser) may claim if no monies are outstanding
  • The Warranty applies only SheerGuard SA approved fastening systems
  • SheerGuard SA Burglar Bars must be installed by a SheerGuard SA certified installer


Lifetime UV Warranty Exclusions:

  • Damage as a result of or which may be attributable, directly or indirectly, to breaking and entering, security breach, burglaries, attempted burglaries, home invasion/intrusion, hi-jacking or any related actions that have taken place in and around the property or premises where the SheerGuard products may have been installed
  • Any modifications on the product without SheerGuard SA written approval will render the warranty as null and void
  • Renovations such as RhinoLite, painting or any other alteration where the bars are damaged waivers the warranty
  • DIY / Self installations or installations that are not done by a qualified SheerGuard SA Installer
  • Not valid where external cleaning companies are employed to clean windows
  • Budget Bar range is not included


*Poor Workmanship is defined as installations done by a qualified SheerGuard SA Installer,

where the Clear Burglar Bars have been incorrectly installed. Bars may crack at the fastening

point due to over tension or the skew placement of a rivet. Poor workmanship will be 

confirmed once an investigation has been completed by SheerGuard SA.