Are your children starting to become adventurous, popping their heads out of your windows?


Secure your windows and ensure they stay safe.

Looking to keep your children safe during their boisterous stages but don’t want to disrupt the serenity of your home by installing the old-fashioned steel burglar bars?

Install SheerGuard Clear Bars in Your Home and keep your children safe.

SheerGuard offers you a security solution that will ensure your children stay safe while not feeling like they are in prison.

We have many different designs for your children’s bedrooms.

Our beautiful Clear Bars and Transparent Security Gates do not intrude on your family and friends love for spatial freedom.


SheerGuard JHB North offers you a free quote to secure your home with Clear Bars.  Don’t compromise on your safety, choose SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars to ensure the safety of your children.

Enquire with Jenny today to book your appointment for a free no obligation quote.

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