EconoGuard(EG) is SheerGuards’ entry-level Clear Burglar Bar at 5mm thick and 30mm wide. We also refer to these bars as Primate Barriers or Child Safety Barriers since we use these bars to keep certain animals out or protect your baby from falling out of the window. It is, however, still a security barrier. This 5mm thick Makrolon® Polycarbonate Clear Burglar Bar can withstand a blow of 60 Joules, which is double the amount of steel.

As Child Safety Barriers:

Parents who have Toddlers would be very happy customers to hear about these bars, as EconoGuard is ideal for them. We design our spacing between each bar to make sure that no toddler or baby will have the ability to stick their head through, meaning that we will never make a spacing that is any bigger than a 120mm. This bar is also ideal for them because it comes at a cheaper rate than PremiumGuard (PG), MaxiGuard (MG) and ExtremeGuard (XG). If you are a proactive parent, I would strongly recommend SheerGuards EconoGuard Clear Burglar Bar for you to ensure that your child receives the safety they deserve.

As Primate Barriers:

EconoGuard got the name Primate Barriers specifically from one installation we completed in Sun City. Sun City purchased SheerGuard EconoGuard for all of their ‘vacation club’ units to keep the monkeys and baboons from stealing food from people who are enjoying their stay for holiday at the resort. I think you can anyone can easily imagine how upsetting it is to come home from a refreshing swim and find that the little monkeys have taken all your food. I know what you are thinking: “a Monkey can surely climb through a 120mm spacing”. Well, you got us, yes you are right. SheerGuard Specifically installed these EconoGuards at a 50mm spacing per bar to ensure that no monkey is able to sneak their way through. From when we installed the bars in Sun City, we have not heard a single complaint of monkeys stealing food again. Should you have a primate problem at your home, this is the perfect solution to your problem!


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