SheerGuard Pretoria encountered a house in Montana that had steel fixed security Trellis securing all the openings of the house. Our client explained to us that having these Trellis cover up the openings make her feel emotionally ill and locked in what is meant to be her own safe haven. When she came across SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars, she thought this could be the perfect solution to her problem and one that would improve her emotional well-being rather than harm it. The client was stunned with the outcome of the installation, her exact words being: “SheerGuard looks fantastic! I’m impressed and amazed at the difference from bars to freedom. Thanks for the super quick and efficient installation!!”.

SheerGuard Pretoria has not done many installations in Montana as most of our client base is situated in Pretoria East making this installation unique to us. In an area where very few people are actually aware of this wonderful security solution, we were able to shift someone’s perspective of security. Security is most commonly seen as solid steel barriers and we as SheerGuard Pretoria strive to change people’s attitudes towards it. Your security does not have to compromise your view nor your safety; it should change it for the better and not the worse.

 SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars polycarbonate is manufactured in Germany by MAKROLON®. MAKROLON® Polycarbonate is the strongest transparent material in the world being able to withstand a blow that hits twice as hard as steel. It is for this reason that it is the optimal security barrier.

To purchase yourself the best Clear Burglar Bars, feel free to contact SheerGuard Pretoria’s sales representative Ethan on 082 927 2794 to assist you with a free quote, or visit our website at for more info.

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