A Home Filled with Love and Light!!!

Have you ever noticed how traditional bulky steel security gates tend to give a home that “jailed in” feeling? … and even partially block the sunlight from entering the home? Well… SheerGuard SA has a solution to this problem in the form of SheerGuard Transparent Security Gates. Did you know that SheerGuard’s Transparent Security gates […]

SheerGuard Transparent Security Gates

SheerGuard Transparent Security Gates Our Clients’ Testimonials Thanks very much for doing such a fabulous job, there are very few suppliers that actually clean up after them and you did a superb job! Angie Meffert Hi Wendy and Anthony  A big thanks for excellent service and attention to detail….rarely found in SA nowadays.  Thx!!! Andy […]

Clear Burglar Bars In South Africa

Clear Burglar Bars In South Africa SheerGuard SA supply and install the widest range of premium grade CLEAR BURGLAR BARS in South Africa. Our hand-picked Franchise specialists will insist on giving you the best advice possible and take all factors of your home security needs into careful consideration so that you can make an educated decision when […]