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South Africans celebrate Heritage Day by remembering the cultural heritage of the many cultures that make up the population of South Africa. Various events are staged throughout the country to commemorate this.

So, what does Heritage Day mean to Samantha and Warren from Johannesburg Central?

Whether it’s a day for our fellow South Africans to celebrate their cultural diversity, spend time with family, head out to an event or have a braai, we believe Heritage Day is a day to reflect on all the positives and blessings that this beautiful country has to offer you.

For us it’s a Special Day to be grateful for what Johannesburg offers us:

Passionate, vibrant people coexisting in a diverse, cosmopolitan blend of City life and the Great Outdoors. All made possible by our 300 days of sunshine per year, paired of course with our uniquely South African zest for life!!!

We would like to wish all South Africans that touch our lives daily a superb Heritage Day that is special to you!!!


What Heritage Day means to me….

Tyrone Devitt – SheerGuard Johannesburg North

To me it means being proud of where  you come from, being proud of the country you live in and being proud to be South African.


It’s about understanding, respecting and being open to learn about different cultures other than your own.


Heritage Day is an opportunity for all South African’s to learn about the country’s rich diversity and involved history. It allows us to acknowledge the challenges of the past, how they affect the present, and what we can do together that will improve our home for our children and future generations.


Julie & Michael Fargher – Helderberg, Stellenbosch and surrounds

We love family tradition it is very important to us, we are also very proudly South African so celebrating a day where we have the opportunity to honour our cultures and the diversity of our country through amazing food, colourful clothing, exciting sport etc. makes us very privileged to be apart of such a beautiful country. It gives us all the opportunity to put the hardships and crime aside for a day and stand together and celebrate the Country.

“Nou gaan ons braai”

I hope you had an amazing day yesterday with family and fellow South Africans.

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