“Inspiring a Life of Significance”, is a philosophy the Roedean community subscribes to and they believe that every child deserves the freedom to make her own unique mark on the world…whatever that may be.

For the past 115 years, Roedean School for girls has been committed to a child-centered approach, where they counsel, guide and nurture each girl offering her the skills, confidence, and determination to reach her full potential in every sphere of life thus empowering her to define her own success.

Today, SheerGuard is very proud to have had their Johannesburg Central team of Samantha McEwan and Warren Devitt be selected by this remarkable institution to ensure the safety of the girls boarding house continues to be protected with the installation of our SheerGuard clear burglar bars made from MAKROLON® . Creating a safe space for the girls to continue their development, while still allowing 100% light transfer and the merging of outdoor and indoor spaces.

MAKROLON® is the strongest transparent material on the planet and has twice the impact strength of steel.

We wish the girls many years of safety and peace of mind while they continue their journey to become young self-defined women.

For more information on our unique and amazing products please click the following link https://www.sheerguard.co.za/products/


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