Everything you need to know about MaxiGuard (MG)

MaxiGuard, also known as MG, (6mm x 50mm) is one of the top of the premium range of SheerGuard products that will assure you a strong, clear safety barrier. Seeing as it is one of the strongest products in our range; it is mostly used in high crime areas for clients that don’t put a price on security; because it is the most difficult Clear Burglar Bar to break through. This bar is the ultimate security barrier that will keep your belongings inside of your home and the predators out. If you scared, this is the optimal solution to ensure the absolute strongest security barrier on your windows.

Being 16mm wider than PG (PremiumGuard), its transparency covers a larger amount of your window. This is also very aesthetically pleasing compared to the less wide product PG (PremiumGuard). SheerGuard strives to change the world’s perspective of security barriers and our SheerGuard MaxiGuard (MG), PremiumGuard (PG) and EconoGuard (EG) Clear Burglar Bars are the optimal example of how you can improve your security without compromising on the strength of it.

Lastly, but DEFINITELY not the least, Our MG (MaxiGuard)  Clear Burglar Bar is manufactured by a company called MAKROLON® who is the patent holder of the name Polycarbonate. This means that our Polycarbonate is 100% pure and DOES NOT contain any recycled plastic or any other material that can influence the quality of the bar.

Therefore, we ensure that you receive premium products with premium service.

Should you be interested in any form of quotation, please feel free to contact Ethan on 082 927 2794 to assist you with a free quotation, or visit our website at www.sheerguard.co.za for more information.

MaxiGuard clear burglar bar

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