SheerGuard offers a wide range of clear security solutions, but PremiumGuard (PG) Clear Burglar Bars are by far the most demanded security solution available on our product list. PremiumGuard is 6mm thick by 34mm wide so you are getting the best of both worlds. Being thicker than the 5mm EconoGuard (EG), it is able to withstand a greater blow than EG. MaxiGuard (MG) is 50mm wide and EconoGuard is 30mm wide, which means that PremiumGuard falls exactly in the middle gap of the top of the range product and the entry-level product. It can be used in areas with a high crime rate along with being used by parents with toddlers who feel they need that extra touch of strength rather than the 5mm thick Makrolon® Polycarbonate SheerGuard EconoGuard.


PG uses one fastener on each side of the bar, which is the same as EG. It is very tricky to spot the difference between EconoGuard and PremiumGuard, but do not be fooled, as PG is definitely the stronger of the two.


So, why should you choose PremiumGuard?

PG is very much more economical as it is less costly compared to MaxiGuard and the price difference from EconoGuard to PremiumGuard is relatively small. The 6mm thickness gives it an advantage over EG and MG, reason being it is thicker than EconoGuard which makes it stronger and it is the same thickness as MaxiGuard, but it is more cost effective. Being 6mm thick means that it is able to withstand the same size strength blow as MaxiGuard would. PremiumGuard is the optimal Clear Security solution for anyone’s home. Should you live in an area with a high crime rate or have toddlers, this is the optimal security barrier for you.

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