Fun Facts about Makrolon Polycarbonate with SheerGuard Johannesburg Central

SheerGuard Clear Burglar bars are the modern, Clear, Safe and Strong Solution for your home or business protection needs in the 21st Century.

This Transparent Thermo Plastic solution is revolutionising the world of Burglar-Proofing world in Southern Africa, combining strength, visual appeal …. and the evolution of home security.

A thermoplastic with truly diverse applications, Makrolon® is used in medical devices, automotive headlamps, sporting equipment, electronics, eyewear, architectural glazing LED lighting, and numerous other products. The broad portfolio of Makrolon® polycarbonate resins from Covestro includes general purpose, lighting, medical and food contact, flame-retardant, impact-modified and glass-fibre reinforced grades, which can be used for injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding. Stronger and lighter than glass, polycarbonate also provides energy and CO2 emission savings. All of which explains why Makrolon® has been trusted for decades and continues to pave the way for tomorrow’s product innovations.


In its’ early stages, before 1971, did you know that Polycarbonate had a cognac coloured tint?

The material we know today of course is as clear as glass, allowing natural daylight to flood into rooms. SheerGuard Clear Burglars have the optical ability to merge indoor and outdoor space, the ideal solution to complement interior and exterior design.

This incredible high impact resistance material protects aircraft pilots, vehicles at extreme speeds, buildings, people and products in various shapes and forms, has even travelled into space and returned from the moon.

In a world of constant development and material innovation, SheerGuard is the preferred choice for Clear Burglar Bars and Transparent Security gates.

Find out more about how SheerGuard’s space age technology Makrolon Polycarbonate product range can protect you family by getting in touch with Samantha and Warren from SheerGuard Johannesburg Central today!

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