Maxiguard Clear Burglar Bars to keep elephants out…

Mabalingwe water tanks need protection from thirsty Elephants

I was at the beautiful Mabalingwe game reserve and safari lodge with Derrick Vermaak from the SheerGuard PTA team, our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to secure their Jojo water tanks from a thirsty 4.5 ton bull elephant. On these hot, dry days he punctures the tanks with his tusk and then drains the water with his trunk, clever boy ! The Mabalingwe residents and management don’t want unsightly barricades around the tanks and have requested us to install SheerGuard MaxiGuard Clear Burglar Bars around the tank area to keep the elephant out…… this will be a serious test of strength, MaxiGuard Clear Burglar Bar weigh in at 6mm thick x 50 mm wide with 2 fastening points per side and with a tensile breaking strength of 3 tons it will be quite a challenge  to keep the irritable Bull elephant out, who weighs in at 4.5 tons making this a very interesting match, brute force of nature vs space age technology.

MaxiGuard Clear Burglar Bar are SheerGuard’s top of the range security barrier designed to withstand severe burglary attempts, lets see how it can withstand a thirsty Bull elephant charge??

Watch this space!

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