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One of our clients who had recently completed renovations to his new offices required a high level security solution that combined strength and beauty to fit in with the aesthetics of his corporate image.

Derrick Vermaak owner of SheerGuard Pretoria installed SheerGuard MaxiGuard Clear Burglar Bars to his office windows. Due to the large window size the clear burglar bars required a centre strut for extra support, Derrick wove a MaxiGuard vertical length through the horizontal Clear Burglar Bars for an amazing result, you have to look really hard to see them and the combined strength is exceptional.

Any potential burglars hoping to break through the glass entrance doors are also in for a nasty surprise as the client elected to install a solid SheerGuard clear security panel on the door.

Happy and safe clients are important to Derrick and he achieved just that by fitting MaxiGuard Clear Burglar Bars to his clients offices!


MaxiGuard Clear Burglar Bars are unique in that they are 50mm wide x 6mm thick and have a double fastening point on each side.

No other Clear Burglar Bar company has a solution as strong as ours!

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