The difference between Perspex, PVC, Polycarbonate and Plastic Burglar Bars

We know SheerGuard’s premium range of Clear Burglars Bars are not only beautiful, but amazingly strong too, which begs the question “what are they made of ” ??

We receive a fairly high percentage of incoming calls from people inquiring about plastic burglar bars, perspex burglar bars, PVC burglar bars and so on.

Understandably people can get confused due to the optical clarity and perfectly smooth finish that our Clear Burglars Bars offer. But here is an absolute fact: if Clear Burglars Bars were made from perspex, plastic or PVC they would offer little to no protection as a burglar bar.

So to clear up any misconceptions about what material is used in the manufacturing process of our premium range of Clear Burglars Bars, the answer to the question is, an amazing thermoplastic called polycarbonate!

For those who would like to investigate and find out more about polycarbonate I have attached a link for you from Wikipedia explaining what this incredible material is all about, enjoy!  Polycarbonate

And for those who don’t feel like going through all the scientific jargon simply get in contact with us and one of our field experts will gladly set up a meeting with you to explain and demonstrate SheerGuard’s premium range of Clear Burglars Bars and Transparent Security Gates in the comfort of your home at a time that suits you.


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