The all new SheerGuard CoronaGuard

COVID-19 has had a tremendous effect on the world-wide economy, sadly now it is a reality to South-Africa to make sure our people take correct safety measures to minimize the spread of the virus. SheerGuard looks after various communities by supplying high-quality security solutions and therefor we invented the SheerGuard CoronaGuard for our Essential Need Supermarkets to protect their Superhero staff and customers against the virus.

The CoronaGuard consists of a 2mm thick polycarbonate sheet that is completely transparent and beautiful. The Transparent SheerGuard Polycarbonate is strengthened with a steel frame to attach the CoronaGuard where suitable in the store. The Idea behind our new products is to avoid the exchanging of droplets between superhero staff and the customers who they have to assist when paying at tellers. We would like to launch this product into the South-African economy as a symbol of giving back to our communities in order to ensure a better and safer future for our fellow South-Africans by protecting our people who has to work and/or visit supermarkets during this time.

By installing CoronaGuard in your store, you take one extra step forward in protecting your staff, this does not mean you should not wear gloves and masks, you should still follow regulations set up by our government. SheerGuard CoronaGuard is a way of making your staff feel that you also care about their health and safety.

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