Home Security

Home security is at the forefront of just about every South African’s mind these days.

To help give you peace of mind over the festive season we have compiled a list of checkpoints for you to go through to help you understand and potentially rectify your risk profile:

The first thing you need to understand when securing your home is that it is a multifaceted process with no single solution that needs to be developed with a layered defensive strategy in mind.

We are all very aware of the fact that a well prepared burglar can break into just about anywhere but most residential burglaries are done by amateur and opportunistic thieves.

Let’s divide your home security options into categories for clearer understanding:

Wall with traditional barbed wire


Physical Barrier’s


  • Wall/fence
  • Electric fence
  • Burglar bars
  • Security gates external and internal

Physical security barriers are an absolute must in every home for a number of reasons. Firstly and most importantly, when a potential burglar is on a mission he would prefer to break into a soft target home with no gates, fences and burglar bars.

Secondly, a good quality physical barrier will prevent most unequipped burglars from gaining entry into your home at all.

Also, depending on the type and quality, physical barriers will stall a well-equipped burglar from gaining entry into your home for a certain amount of time in order for you to prepare yourself for action.

Layering your property with physical barriers gives you the time and opportunity to defend yourself. So a minimum requirement would be to have a security fence / wall around your property and security gates and burglar bars in your house.

We do recommend that all physical barriers are managed / monitored, which we cover below.

Wall with electric fence

Re-active Security

  • Garden perimeter beams
  • Alarms
  • Alarm linked to reaction patrol
  • External passive IR detectors

Although alarms do not physically stop or slow down a burglar, when coupled with physical barriers they give you extra time to prepare yourself for action. If you have linked your alarm and electric fence to a reaction team, you also know you have backup on the way, giving you peace of mind.

Alarm console and attached devices

Passive Security (Proactive)

  • Lights
  • Warning signs, displayed prominently
  • CCTV
  • Dogs (reactive and physical)

Lights, warning signs, CCTV and Dogs are a very effective deterrent and the rule of thumb is that the average burglar would prefer to break into a home without these deterrents.

An important rule to remember when you suspect an intruder on your property is to always keep the inside of your house dark and the outside area well lit up, so switch on all outside lights and switch off all inside lights. This gives you the advantage of being invisible and making the burglar very visible.

CCTV monitoring is also great for identifying perpetrators when thefts do occur, which can then be passed on to the local Police or security monitoring company.

Dogs are still one of the best burglar deterrents for home protection, the more the better!

Remember, burglars do not like attracting attention.

Dog barking at fence

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As a competitive premium brand company, SheerGuard needs to ensure that we do everything from our side to make the turnover time most convenient for our clients. We do not believe in simply making money, we believe in building a happy client. As a business owner its difficult to always focus on making someone happy rather than making money, but from our cutting-edge experience SheerGuard has learnt that a happy client provides a happy business.

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Our Clients' Testimonials

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