Getting to know SheerGuard Johannesburg Central

Johannesburg Central SheerGuard franchise owners

Getting to know SheerGuard Johannesburg Central Samantha and Warren from Team SheerGuard Johannesburg Central really love what they do. They have the great privilege of protecting Joburg’s families with, not only the world’s strongest, but the most visually pleasing burglar-proofing solution available, SheerGuard’s Makrolon Clear Burglar Bars. But in the demanding and sometimes stressful security […]

The value of SheerGuards quick response time

The value of SheerGuards quick response time Nobody enjoys the dreaded wait to hear back from a company after having sent a lead through. Who enjoys waiting for a quotation after the appointment? Who likes waiting for an installation date after you have paid a deposit?… I sure as Clear Burglar Bars don’t. As a […]

SheerGuard Installation in Waterkloof Marina

SheerGuard Installation in Waterkloof Marina As SheerGuard specialists we often find ourselves in new developments, however, Waterkloof Marina stunned us with the biggest surprise we have ever had. The first time we spoke to the developers all that there was is large machines and a hole the size of a small mountain, little did we […]

Changing the Way the World sees Security

Changing the Way the World sees Security. For many years people have seen security as steel or aluminum jail-like bars over windows and doors to protect people from getting access to their safe havens from the outside. SheerGuard is as of now changing this perspective people have of security to a transparent security solution. The […]

Let your home Breathe with SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars

Let your home Breathe with SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars How much time do we spend opening and closing our windows in a week? Well, that can depend on whether you have SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars installed. SheerGuard Johannesburg Central’s Samantha and Warren wanted to share a few problems their clients face. This Joburg Summer is […]

The Secret behind SheerGuard Rivets

The Secret behind SheerGuard Rivets As you know, we have the strongest Clear Burglar Bars in the world (Also see article: Why should you choose Makrolon® Clear Burglar Bars?). For our Clear Burglar Bars to be the strongest they need to have the strongest possible fasteners. SheerGuard’s secret fasteners are triple compressed, stainless-steel, tamper-proof rivets. […]

First Impressions Last!!!

In this exciting day and age, a growing trend is that small to medium-sized businesses are opting to work from home. There are various reasons for this including the advancement of tech, more available hours in the day and of course the saving of both money and time traveling to the office. In Johannesburg however, […]

Sun City Vacation Club Primate Barriers

Clear burglar bar keeping monkey out

SheerGuard Primate barriers The Sun City vacation club required a primate barrier solution to keep both monkeys and baboons out of their self-catering Vacation Club units, this is necessary due to the amount of mess and damage an adventurous primate causes once inside the vacation club units. Sun International did not want to block the […]

SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars Centurion Franchise Testimonial

Midrand and Kyalami SheerGuard franchise owners

From Grillers to Drillers Buying a SheerGuard Franchise has without a doubt not only been a life changing decision but the best one we have made as a couple. We owned and operated restaurants for 23 years, from top franchises to privately established successful restaurants in Johannesburg and the Western Cape, with compliments of up […]

How do you guarantee your security without spoiling your view?

Beautiful house with clear burglar bars

If you have just built your dream cottage on the river banks in one of the Western Cape’s picturesque Wineland towns, the last thing you want is to mar the beautiful views with jarring burglar bars that leave you feeling caged in. Unfortunately, security in your home must be kept in mind. The answer, our […]