Sun City Vacation Club Clear Burglar Bar Monkey Barriers

For quite some time Sun City Vacation Club had been struggling to control monkeys and baboons from entering the holiday club units and wreaking havoc! Reportedly, these primates would clean out refrigerators, empty fruit bowls, eat all the bread and even drink the milk!  There was an incident where a full grown male baboon entered the unit while the guests were there and nonchalantly walked right past them en-route to the kitchen, he opened the fridge and helped himself to lunch totally ignoring any threatening gestures and screams from the guests. In some cases there were incidents where laptops and cellphones had been knocked off tables and damaged due to the primates reckless behavior.

The list goes on and the guests were getting tired of having to keep their windows closed in the middle of summer just to keep the primates out.

The Sun City Vacation Club operations manager needed a solution to keep the primates out but steel burglar bars were not an option due to there unsightliness. They required something unique, a physical barrier that was strong and aesthetically pleasing! We had the solution, SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars, the perfect match for their requirements as they are virtually invisible, which meant the guests would have unobstructed views of the beautiful Pilanesberg mountain range and game reserve, also unlike steel burglar bars, SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars allow 100% light transfer into the apartments maintaining the airy atmosphere of the Sun City Vacation Club units.

We set to work in January 2015 and 3 months later had installed just over 11 500 SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars, which if you had to put them end to end would extend over 6 Km’s long! With 23 000 of our purpose made rivets fastening the clear burglar bars to the window frames, even full grown male Chacma Baboons had no chance of getting in.

Needless to say Sun City Vacation Club guests can now rest with their windows open and peace of mind.

Watch the video below to see a Vervet Monkey trying to enter a window

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