SheerGuard Primate barriers

The Sun City vacation club required a primate barrier solution to keep both monkeys and baboons out of their self-catering Vacation Club units, this is necessary due to the amount of mess and damage an adventurous primate causes once inside the vacation club units. Sun International did not want to block the relaxing views nor decrease the amount of light entering their luxurious rooms.

SheerGuard offered the ideal product to solve their problem in the form of SheerGuard Primate Barriers, although SheerGuard is predominately a security company focusing on clear burglar bars and Transparent security gates we also provide Primate Barrier solutions. Having contacted a specialist at a monkey sanctuary we concluded that any monkey older than 9 months would not be able to pass through any space less than 70mm, we then based our installation according to these specifications.

The benefit of installing SheerGuard primate barriers to the windows is that they are 100% transparent making them virtually invisible, they prevent primate intrusion causing no harm what so ever to the monkeys or baboons and also allow fresh air to pass freely through the room.

Managing the installation was the SheerGuard Pretoria franchise owner Dean Stainthorpe, who completed this massive installation in just under five months. Approximately 18 500 polycarbonate primate barriers were installed which covered all 234-vacation club phase 1 units.

SheerGuard Pretoria owner, Dean Stainthorpe extended his appreciation to SheerGuard Head office for ongoing support uninterrupted supply of stock as well as advise on improving efficiency.

SheerGuard – the clear solution for your safety.

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