The Secret behind SheerGuard Rivets

As you know, we have the strongest Clear Burglar Bars in the world (Also see article: Why should you choose Makrolon® Clear Burglar Bars?). For our Clear Burglar Bars to be the strongest they need to have the strongest possible fasteners. SheerGuard’s secret fasteners are triple compressed, stainless-steel, tamper-proof rivets.

SheerGuard rivets take the place of three other fasteners, thus making it nearly impossible for someone to remove them. It takes about 10 minutes for a SheerGuard specialist to remove our fasteners from the inside of your window frame; while it is nearly impossible to remove our fasteners from the outside of your window frame; and trust me when I say, “We learned the hard way.” Therefore, ensuring that you receive the strongest fastener on the market.

The difference between a SheerGuard rivet and a normal stainless-steel rivet:

A SheerGuard fastener is triple compressed whereas a normal stainless-steel fastener is not, this means that our fasteners compress three times as hard as a normal stainless-steel fastener making our fastener the optimal security rivet.

Where can you find these specialised rivets?

SheerGuard is the only supplier of these premium rivets in South-Africa, it is part of the reasons why SheerGuard supply and install such unique products. To get your hands on one of these fasteners, please feel free to contact SheerGuard Pretoria and we will gladly assist you with a free quote.

SheerGuard Pretoria does not compromise your safety, we better it.

For more information on SheerGuard security products please feel free to contact Ethan on 082 927 2794 or visit our website at

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