SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars As Child Safety Window Barriers

SheerGuard Clear Child Safety Window Barriers ensures the safety of your child at home

Whilst SheerGuard’s Clear Burglar Bars are used primarily for burglar proofing, they are the perfect solution for home child safety. Keeping track of your adventurous toddler can be a full time job and somewhat of a nerve racking occupation. Some of the antics your little family members get up to would surprise even the most daring stuntmen. For your peace of mind, SheerGuard has extended it’s range with your kid in mind. Windows can now be secured with our beautiful range of Clear Child Safety Window Barriers. With our Clear Child Safety Window Barriers, you can rest-assured your child will be safe from innocent yet traumatic window accidents. At SheerGuard SA we understand the importance of combining safety with aesthetically pleasing home safety solutions. Protect your family today by calling one of our qualified area specialists to arrange a free home assessment and help you put your mind at ease.   View SheerGuards Range Of Products Contact Us TODAY For Your Free Quotation With A SheerGuard Area Specialist
Parents holding their baby