Five important things you need to know about Clear Burglar Bars

There are various companies that install Clear Burglar Bars in Gauteng and around South Africa.

The key to getting value for your money and correct level of security is to ask the right questions:  

What are Clear Burglar Bars made of?

People who show an interest in our range of Clear Burglar Bars often ask what the bars are made of. They will say something like “I’m very interested in your Perspex burglar bars or can you show me your perspex burglar bars?”. The answer is no, they are not made out of Perspex. Perspex, whilst being very hard, is susceptible to cracking and shattering under impact which makes it a poor choice of material for Clear Burglar Bars. SheerGuard Clear Burglar Bars are made from the highest quality Polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a substance with an extremely high impact resistance and boasts a tensile strength of over 3 tons. This makes it stronger than steel! Due to it’s strength and shatterproof properties, Polycarbonate is used in high demand applications. Examples include:
  • Police riot shields
  • Cockpits for jet fighters
  • High speed trains
  • Bullet proofing applications
  • Formula one cars.
It’s even used to protect astronauts in space!  

Are there different grades of polycarbonate?

Yes, there is virgin polycarbonate which is manufactured under strict guidelines using the patented polcarbonate formula raw material. Then there is regrind polycarbonate which is the practice of reconstituting old polycarbonate to save costs which results in a poorer quality, weaker end product. SheerGuard SA uses only the highest quality virgin polycarbonate . that is produced to ISO9000 standards in Europe for our Clear Burglar Bars.  

Are Clear Burglar Bars stronger than steel burglar bars?

There are a number of variables to consider when comparing steel to Clear Burglar Bars. The first is the ability to cut through Clear Burglar Bars. You can cut through Clear Burglar Bars with a hacksaw or angle grinder, however it takes as long to do so as it takes to cut through a 8mm thick solid steel bar. In order to counteract this SheerGuard ensures that the gaps between the Clear Burglar Bars are small enough not to allow a hacksaw to fit through. The second and most important variable to consider when comparing steel burglar bars to Clear Burglar Bars is the way in which it is fixed to the window frame. Most steel bar installations are screwed or welded to the steel frame. This is not strong enough as all it takes is a simple twist of the bar with a spanner and the weld or screw will break. Another way of fixing clear burglar bars, steel bars and aluminium bars is with the use of a pop-rivet. The inherent problem with using standard pop rivets is that they can easily, and quietly, be drilled out and the bar removed. SheerGuard SA imports  high quality, tamper-proof, industrial grade stainless steel compression rivets for all our aluminium window applications. Once these rivets have been installed they cannot be drilled out or removed.  

Do Clear Burglar Bars corrode or deteriorate over time?

Unlike steel bars, Clear Burglar Bars do not rust or corrode when exposed to moisture or solvents. Untreated polycarbonate, however, can lose its clarity if exposed to the sun for a long period of time. It is therefore important to ensure your Clear Burglar Bars are of the highest quality polycarbonate. SheerGuard’s Clear Burglar Bars are coated with a special UV2 protection which guarantees the bar against UV damage for over 10 years.  

Are Clear Burglar Bars flexible?

Clear Burglar Bars are made from a highly flexible material. This adds to the strength of the Clear Burglar Bar because force can be applied to it by twisting or pulling the bar and it will return to its original position.  However, extreme care must be taken to insure that the bars are installed to the right tension so that they do not flex too much as this will create a big enough gap for a person to climb through. SheerGuard has extremely competent and experienced installers who have developed the skill to ensure every Clear Burglar Bar installed is to the correct tension in order to optimise your safety.   View SheerGuards Range Of Products Contact Us TODAY For Your Free Quotation With A SheerGuard Area Specialist