SheerGuard Installation in Waterkloof Marina

As SheerGuard specialists we often find ourselves in new developments, however, Waterkloof Marina stunned us with the biggest surprise we have ever had.

The first time we spoke to the developers all that there was is large machines and a hole the size of a small mountain, little did we know that in the long run, this development would hold more than 400 units. After our meeting in April, we needed to wait for feedback and the first time we were able to go on site after that was in November. Eventually, the big day came, the large machines with rather big buildings and an enormous amount of development in progress and SheerGuard was lucky enough to be installing Clear Burglar Bars in the middle of the organized chaos.

SheerGuard Pretoria-East had the instruction to install one bar per window in 100 units… This came as a surprise as it was not a normal circumstance. We are used to installing a larger quantity in a smaller area. With our safety helmets and safety vests, we managed to install one bar every two minutes. We were only three installers working in the perfect combination to ensure that we work as fast as possible as it steals a lot of time moving between the units.

SheerGuard Pretoria-East has three highly trained installers who each have their own individual duties during an installation procedure. Our secret ingredient to our team is that we strive to work in a chain effect and as soon we start the installation, we work together in a way that each person forms a key point to the chain and without that key point, the system will not work. SheerGuard is a Premium brand security company with high-quality service.

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