The value of SheerGuards quick response time

Nobody enjoys the dreaded wait to hear back from a company after having sent a lead through. Who enjoys waiting for a quotation after the appointment? Who likes waiting for an installation date after you have paid a deposit?… I sure as Clear Burglar Bars don’t.

As a competitive premium brand company, SheerGuard needs to ensure that we do everything from our side to make the turnover time most convenient for our clients. We do not believe in simply making money, we believe in building a happy client. As a business owner its difficult to always focus on making someone happy rather than making money, but from our cutting-edge experience SheerGuard has learnt that a happy client provides a happy business.

As SheerGuardians we strive to make contact with leads in as little as 20min after we have received them. Our policy is that we send our quotations out the same day as we did the practical part of the quotations along with an accurate lead time of maximum 14working days to as little as three working days after receipt of the deposit. No one is fond of the process of waiting, and therefore SheerGuard has a necessity to change our clients feeling towards our company versus our competitors by making our service fast and reliable.

Therefore, if you need a superfast response to your query or request for quotation, please feel free to make contact with Ethan from SheerGuard Pretoria-East on 082 927 2794 or visit our website at for more information.

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